Office of Basic Studies of Water Resources


Task Summary:

       Coordinating and communicating with Iran Water Resources Management Company and receiving general information on basic studies of water resources and carrying out the necessary planning regarding the establishment and optimal use of introducing catchment areas, construction and development of the hydrometric network, climatology and piezometric of plains and exploration programs, necessary studies on Quantity and quality of water in the study areas, preparation of water balance and integration of information related to water resources studies, the formation of a database, preparation and compilation of balance instructions in groundwater and surface water aquifers and compilation of quantitative and qualitative statistical instructions in city water departments and Supervise the performance of queuing units.




- Coordinating and maintaining communication with the relevant offices of Iran Water Resources Management Company and receiving information and general plans for basic studies of water resources and performing the necessary cooperation.

- Establishment and optimal use of catchment areas with the coordination of relevant units in the Deputy for Water Affairs.

Construction, development, and maintenance of hydrometric, climatological, and piezometric networks of plains and groundwater exploration programs in coordination with the relevant offices of the country's water resources management company.

- Planning to conduct the necessary studies in order to know the quantity and quality of water in the study areas.

- Establishment of a database of water resources of study areas in accordance with the announced policies.

- Preparing programs for collecting information statistics related to water resources studies, compiling information and preparing the necessary reports, and sending them to the relevant units of Iran Water Resources Management Company.

- Planning and preparing water balance in the study areas in order to present to the competent authorities.

- Cooperation and coordination with the Deputy of Planning and Management Improvement in the implementation of the GIS system.

- Proposing and determining the ceiling of water allocation from water resources for planning in the company's water resources management committee.

- Reviewing and compiling instructions related to the basic studies of groundwater and surface water resources, through the instructions obtained from the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and notification for the implementation of water affairs departments of the city.

- Preparation and compilation of quantitative and qualitative statistics of water resources, coordination, and standardization of executive methods and monitoring in this regard.

- Reviewing the proposals of the Deputy of Operation and Planning and Development in optimizing and developing measuring stations.

- Providing analytical reports on the status of water resources in study areas based on approved processes.

- Final control and processing of statistics and information on surface and groundwater resources of the province to enter the database.

- Preparation of statistics and information required to regulate and present the optimal utilization program of the covered water resources.

- Preparation of study reports at the level of semi-detailed, detailed, comprehensive, and atlases of water resources

- Preparation of geological maps, hydrometry, hydrology, hydrochemistry, graphs and diagrams, and preparation of reports in the covered areas.

- Collaborating with various deputies in the required fields, especially cooperation in the study and comment on the reports of different stages of studies of surface and groundwater resources.

- Proposing to establish or lift the ban on the exploitation of water resources in different areas to the Deputy of Protection and Exploitation.

- Determining sediments inside the reservoir of dams.

- Monitoring and controlling statistics, reports, and surveys conducted on surface and groundwater resources in order to determine the balance in the catchment areas covered and integrate the submitted information.

- Cooperation with the Water Resources Management Organization of Iran in order to prepare the necessary instructions for the balance and mathematical models and prepare atlases of the country's water resources using the latest news and information.

- Comments on the preparation of geographical features and maps of hydro-climatology, hydrology, hydrogeology, and hydrogeochemistry and the location of surface and groundwater resources in the region.

- Preservation of human dignity and accountability to the client.

- Provide the necessary reports.

- Performing other assigned tasks.




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